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Facilities Solidity
Deformation temperature
Extrusion temperature
Tray temperature Flexibility
CLEANING NC 160°C - 300°C NC
WOOD 190°C - 220°C 180°C - 200°C 40°C - 50°C
BRICK 45°C - 60°C 180°C - 200°C 50°C - 60°C
MOLD 50°C - 60°C 170°C - 190°C 0°C
PLA ULTRA 55°C - 140°C 200°C - 220°C 60°C
BRONZE 50°C - 60°C 180°C - 200°C 50°C
PETG ULTRA 75°C - 80°C 220°C - 230°C 60°C
SOLUBLE PVA 50°C - 60°C 180°C - 210°C 40°C - 80°C
COPPER 50°C - 60°C 180°C - 200°C 50°C
NYLON ULTRA 60°C - 70°C 220°C - 240°C 60°C - 65°C
SOLUBLE HIPS 80°C - 90°C 220°C - 240°C 80°C - 100°C
CARBONE / PETG 190°C - 220°C 190°C - 220°C 190°C - 220°C


Volumic printers accept almost all standard filaments on the market in 1.75mm or 3mm . This allows you to choose from an infinite number of suppliers and grades, as well as many types of materials almost all compatible with the Stream Printer series. The standards " Open filament system " guarantee a minimum cost and maximum scalability! 

We offer, through our online store, a selection of 3D printer filaments that we have been able to test thoroughly to ensure the best quality for our customers and maximum compatibility with our printers. 

This qualitative approach allows us, today, to offer you a wide range of filaments based on different materials: PLA Plastic Filament, ABS Plastic Filament, NYLON, Filament 3D Wood, Filament 3D Stone, Filament 3D Bronze, Filament 3D PETG, Filament 3D Flex (Flexible). 

The "classic" filament of 3D printing is the PLA 3D Filament . It is very easy to use and take control. It remains solid over time and offers a great result while offering an important asset ... that of being biodegradable! This ecological aspect will allow you to print a maximum of objects without fearing to contribute to the pollution of the planet by using non-degradable plastics. PLA exists in a very large number of color variations. 

The other filaments that win all the votes are the 3D Flex Filaments which propose to print 3D objects completely flexible or flexible. Very torsionally resistant, they still have the effect and push the boundaries of 3D printing. 

3D ABS Filaments allow you to print highly resistant objects for parts intended for outdoor use. These filaments require a very strong adhesion to the plate (heating on our Stream range) as well as a high nozzle temperature. 

3D Filaments Bronze and Filament 3D Copper : which immediately surprise by the weight of objects once printed. We are far from a simple "light" object printed in PLA. In addition, these filaments allow a material effect in an impressive matte finish. 

Finally, the Wood Filaments and Stone Filaments offer a real effect of wood and stone: the object remains light but the result is amazing. These types of filaments bring a lot of nobility and elegance to the printed object.