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STREAM 30 ULTRA NOIR (3D Printers)

Key Points :
  • Precision of impression : :

  • Printing Head Commutable

  • Hood Option: Closed Enclosure

  • Filament : 1.75mm

  • Color Touch Screen

  • Multi Materials

  • Ref : VS30UL
  • Number of extruders : 1
  • Filament type : 1.75mm
  • Precision X/Y : 15µ
  • Precision Z :
  • Weight : 35
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Prints 3 times faster

The Stream ULTRA's architecture allows you to mount at a print speed of 180mm/s in a quality even better than a Stream MK2 up to 300/s in  draft mode for prototyping in quick validations .
These new speeds put the Stream ULTRA as the fastest printer of the market.

50 materiaux imprimantes 3D
precision maximum imprimante 3D
Up to 1µ
of precision


Thanks to the rigidity of its aeronautic aluminium chassis , its reinforced steering axes and its high precision steppers motors ,
The ULTRA Stream are distinguished by their high printing accuracy ranging from 275 microns on Z.


Speed ​​X3 and X4
in print

The Stream ULTRA's architecture allows you to mount at print speeds of 180mm / s in the same quality as Stream MK2 and 
up to 300mm / s in Draft mode for form prototyping. for quick validations.

2 Years Guarantee

Thanks to our proximity to our customers and the constant improvement of our equipment , our ULTRA models are the only 3D printers to be guaranteed 2 years , parts and labor.

Reinforced Use


- Profiles already established for all major materials and filaments on the market .
- Large color touch control screen for access to the main action in one touch.
- Fine filament detection to save your impressions when your reel came to the end.
- Filter hood to work with a closed and filtered enclosure .

Scalable and customisable

Our 3D printers , thanks to their open and scalable technical architecture , allow you regularly through kits or upgrade package , to pass on the superior model onthe same range .
These changes are available via complete update of the machine or by partial updates according to your needs/ Budgets .
You save on the purchase of the complete new machine .



A VOLUMIC 3D printer is the guarantee of professional , scalable and personalized equipment . In fact , not only are our machines designed as true machine tools , but thanks to our proximity to customers , they are also constantly evolving based on the pragmatic needs of our customers and not based on theoretical marketing objectives.
This guarantees you have for the machines are close to your needs as possible , with top class performance and unanimously recognized reliability .

800 Companies


In 4 years , thanks to the quality of its service and its products , Volumic knew how to conquer the design office , the production workshop , the research centers and the National Education .
It is with the same great passionate expertise that we accompanied every day these French or European actors in the development of 3D technology within their establishments.

French Manufacturing

At the heart of the French Fab movement, Volumic promotes know-how combined with a highly qualitative French design / manufacturing.

Thus, by buying a Volumic, you know that you invest in a French sector of excellence that goes from the supplies,
through the design / manufacturing to the after-sales service located directly in our workshops in Nice, Côte d'Azur .

A complete sofware suite

Our machines are compatible with all CAD / CAM software on the market such as:
SolidWorks, Catia, Topsolid, Rhino, 3dsmax, Sketchup, etc ...

Delivered with the machine:
 the Repetier suite with Cura, Simplify3D, Colorify, Verify3D as well as the printing profiles of all the main printable materials to date in filament form

Specifications :

> Print resolution: from 1 micron to 275 microns
> X & Y positioning accuracy of 15 microns
> Positioning accuracy Z of 1 micron
> NEMA17 precision ventilated motor
> Movement on double axes of 10mm and double ball bushing HQ
> Nozzle from 0.15mm to 1mm

> Extruder 420 °
> 0.4mm Nickel plated copper nozzle, Copper / Aluminum head
> Filament 1.75mm
> 150 ° high speed aluminum heating plate
> Print speed and vacuum up to 300mm / s
> Large print volume: 295x200x300mm (A4)
> Removable head for quick change
> 5 "color LCD touch screen
> Interface in intuitive French
> High performance belts
> Tray setting without tools
> Start purge
> Ultra fast heating of the head
> Overhead reel or optional side reel
> End of filament detector
> Door opening detector
> Door lock
> RGB LED notification system
> Semi-auto tray calibration system


> Full aluminum chassis 6mm Aeronautic quality
> Fully CNC milled frame
> Chassis treated anticorrosion alodine
> Rigid and heavy structure for greater precision
> 10mm stainless steel rectified chrome mechanical shaft
> Double bushing high quality shaft bearing
> Filament training in stainless steel
> Guided semi-automatic tray calibration
> 6mm Plexiglass protection door with lock and opening detection
> Removable high temperature glass ceramic tray
> Machine assembled and tested manually
> High performance belt pulleys made of brass.
> 9mm high performance belts
> High power printing cooling blower
> Belt tension adjustable by screws
> Dimension: L54cm H50cm P48cm
> Power consumption: <9w at rest, <600w in print
> Satin black frame color
> Color plastics: Green [other colors optional]
> Weight: 32Kg
> Automatic end of filament detection
> Stop / Panic / Reset button on the front
> Overheating protection of the extruder
> Monitoring the enclosure temperature
> High quality electronics with thermostatically controlled fans
> Integrated power supply 750w Bronze output (80% +)
> Ventilated motors

> RGB LED interior lighting
> Color LCD display with touch control
> SD HC reader for standalone printing
> Automatic filament de / loading function
> Semi-automatic calibration of the fully guided plateau

> Easy maintenance
> Self-lubricating bearings
> Interchangeable print head
> No regular maintenance

> USB cable and power supply
> 3D lacquer included
> Complete set of tools
> Full documentation in French
> SD card included with software and examples
> USB SD card reader
> PLA Ultra Coil
> Quick release hose reel
> Purge filament
> Replacement pliers set

> Simplify3D pre-configured software
> Verify3D Software (STL Library Manager)
> Colorify3D software (color change manager)

2 YEAR WARRANTY, 1 year transport