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80% of projects start with an idea! 
We design the machines that will realize these ideas ... 

A revolution is underway, no one knows its scope with accuracy ... One thing is certain: we are talking about a radical change in the way of thinking, thinking, developing projects but also convincing, produce andconsume differently. 

The brand VOLUMIC is born from the passion and the know-how in 3D of its 2 founders. More than 20 years in 3D visualization and engineering to the shock of first contact with 3D printing processes. A passage from the virtual to the real, with a reality that goes beyond the limits of imagination and materials ... 

We designed and manufactured the first French desktop 3D printers .The goal of this approach is to provide a vision and approach to 3D printing focused on the real needs of industry and professionals . 

Fast, accurate and multi-material, VOLUMIC's 3D Stream Printers allow you to print objects in more than 40 different materials with a level of accuracy and speed among the best in the market . 

Technically, our 3D "Stream" printers are positioned with reference for their printing accuracy, excellent value for money and the diversity of materials accepted. The application areas of "Stream" are very wide and extend every day a little more ....
Nice Cote d'Azur Innovation

Customer support is at the heart of our concerns. Beyond offering reliable professional equipment, our credo is the proximity to our customers in order to best advise them in the choice and daily use of their 3D printers.
Customized training courses, personalized advice by email and a hotline allow our customers to make the most ofthe possibilities of our machines with complete confidence.
The "Streams" have been designed to be easy to use, robust with fully aeronautical aluminum chassis.
Thanks to some of their parts themselves printed in 3D, our printers benefit from controlled maintenance costs.
If necessary, the user can himself re-print some parts of the printer, or even customize.
The added value of VOLUMIC is simple: to have developed a real technological know-how in 3D printing,
to believe in a realistic vision of the development of this technology, to have built a team of enthusiasts as well as a privileged relation with its customers and with the big actors of the market.
The VOLUMIC Streams anticipate the future needs of professionals in all industries, saving time, savings,
flexibility in the creation stages, and helping companies to move towards the manufacturing of tomorrow.

We are rigorous and uncompromising passionate about quality.
Our printers, designed and manufactured in France, are the concrete demonstration.